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(01 August 2014) Temporary Exhibition at the RGJ (Rifles) Museum, Winchester

WWI recruitment poster Title:‘A Call to Arms’
Temporary Exhibition:The Rifle Depot (later Peninsula Barracks), Winchester, was the home depot of The King's Royal Rifle Corps and The Rifle Brigade from 1858-1965. At the outbreak of the First World War the barracks became the focal point for the mobilisation of reservists and young men responding to Kitchener's call to arms. Huge numbers reporting for duty or being enlisted - up to 6,000 a day - were administered, given medical checks, clothed, equipped, paid and despatched to battalions for training and subsequent service on the frontline.
This exhibition describes the impact of the opening days of the war upon The Rifle Depot, those serving there and the effect that the transit of large numbers of young men in and out of the gates of The Rifle Depot had upon the citizens of Winchester.
Place:The Royal Green Jackets(Rifles) Museum Gallery
Time:10am -4.15pm daily until 14th September
Tickets:Normal Museum entry fee applies
Booking:No booking necessary
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(12 August 2014) The Field of Remembrance

field of poppies
Title: The Field of Remembrance
Venue: The Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum, Serles House, Southgate Street, Winchester
Opening Times: 10am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday August until September

If visitors wish to place a poppy in memory of a loved one please contact the Museum on 01962 863658

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(23 September 2014) RGJ (Rifles) Museum Evening Talk

Royal Flying Corps Title:"The Evolution of The Royal Flying Corps Before and During The First World War". In August 1914 four squadrons of the RFC were among the first elements of the British Expeditionary Force to deploy to France. Subsequently the RFC played a significant role during the First World War. This talk will focus on how the RFC evolved between 1912 and 1918 before becoming a part of the Royal Air Force on 1 April 1918.
Speaker: Dr David Jordan, member of the defence Studies Department at King's College, London and lecturer at the Joint Services Command & Staff College, Shrivenham
Date: Tuesday September 23, 2014
Time: 6.15pm
Place: The McDonald gallery, Gurkha Museum, Peninsula Barracks
Tickets: £15.00, Friends of the RGJ (Rifles) Museum £12.50
Booking: Telephone 01962 828549 or email: curator@rgjmuseum.co.uk

(23 October 2014) Horsepower Museum Evening Talk

book cover
Title: "Theirs Not To Reason Why". On the outbreak of war in 1914 the Army had an organised Horse Reserve and Mobilisation Scheme; a completely integrated transport system using horses, motor mechanised vehicles and rail networks. As war progressed there were serious questions about the continuing supply of horses from both home and world markets, shortages of transport for moving them from the country of purchase and the growing submarine menace.
The talk will touch on all aspects of the supply, procurement and care of horses (with a special reference to cavalry horses) during the war, their use in combat and their disposal in 1918/1919.
Speaker: Dr Graham Winton
Date: Thursday October 23rd,2014
Time: 18.00 drinks for 18.30 start
Place: The Gurkha Gallery, Peninsula Barracks
Tickets: £15.00
Booking: Telephone 01962 828539 or email: assistant@horsepowermuseum.co.uk

(27 October 2014) RGJ (Rifles) Museum Evening Talk

white houseTitle:“The War of 1812”
Speaker:Professor Brian-Holden-Reid, Professor of American History, King’s College London
Venue: McDonald Gallery, Gurkha Museum
Tickets: £15.00 each, Friends of the RGJ (Rifles) Museum £12.50
Booking:Email: curator@rgjmuseum.co.uk, Tel: 01962 828549

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(10 November 2014) RGJ (Rifles) Museum Evening Talk

Nonne BoschenTitle:“From Aldershot to Ypres: the 52nd Light Infantry in 1914”. The fourth in a series of talks between 2014 and 2018 coinciding with the Centenary of events during the First World War.
Speaker:Dr Simon Harris, author of ‘The History of the 43rd and 52nd Light Infantry in the Great War 1914-18, the 52nd Light Infantry in France and Belgium: Volume II’
Venue:McDonald Gallery, Gurkha Museum
Tickets:£15.00 each, Friends of the RGJ(Rifles) Museum £12.50 each
Booking:Email:curator@rgjmuseum.co.uk, Tel: 01962 828549

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