Education Workshops

Key Stage 2: Workshops for Years 3 to 6


Topics: English, The First World War, History,

Exploring the collections and World War One poetry to understand why remembrance is important, both for the military and for the public.

Home Front

Topics: Second World War, History, Now and Then, the Blitz, Evacuees

Find out about the Home Front in the Second World War and the changes between then and now in everyday life.

‘Hide and Seek’

Topics: STEAM, History, Science, Engineering, Technology

Get hands-on to discover how science is applied at war, both in the past and today, to help soldiers. Discover how camouflage, magnets and forces help soldiers to escape and evade.

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Key Stage 3 and 4: Workshops for Years 7 to 11

First World War Experience

Topics: The First World War

This workshop uses  items from the handling collection including uniforms, helmets, rifles, gasmasks and grenades to give students a real and immediate experience of what life was like during the First World War for soldiers. The workshop places the conflict in context of the politics and society of the period.

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Second World War

Topics: The Second World War

The workshop gives students an understanding of what economic and social conditions helped lead to the Second World War and what the Second World War was like for soldiers.

Conflict and Cooperation

Topics: Post WW2 and the post war operations, The Cold War and Northern Ireland, Britain in the world since 1945

This workshop can be focused on just one or all of the options. Using the museums’ collections as a base, explore how Britain dealt with conflict and cooperation since 1945. Through handling items and equipment, pupils identify how these objects reflect major events in 20th Century history and how they have shaped our modern world.

Arts Award Explore

Topics: Art

Exploring the museums’ collections to inspire, create drawings and art.