Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What’s so special about Winchester’s Military Museums?

A. WMM are special because of their unique displays of objects and other memorabilia associated with the history of a regiment or corps in the British Army. They are also situated conveniently close to each other, the City Centre and other attractions in Winchester, and on a historic site that was once used as a royal castle (1067-1645), as King Charles II’s intended palace (1682-5) and as a military barracks (1796-1986). A visitor to WMM has the choice of visiting the site and one or all six of the military museums.

Q. How long will it take to visit WMM?

A. It depends upon the level of interest and purpose of the visit. Most visitors spend one to two hours visiting The Royal Green Jackets and Gurkha Museums and upto an hour visiting each of the other museums. So, if the intention is to visit all the military museums, allow at least half a day.

Q. What are the museums’ opening hours?

A. The museums do not all open on the same days. However, there are usually at least three museums open every day from 10 am to 4 pm Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday from Noon until 4 pm. If you know which museum you wish to visit, be sure to check exact opening times beforehand.

Q. Are refreshments available on site?

A. Yes, Copper Joe’s, our onsite café, is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and at other times by appointment or on special occasions.

Q. Are the museums within walking distance of the City Centre?

A. Yes. The museums are situated at ‘the top of the town’, a 10-minute walk from the Guildhall and Cathedral.

Q. Is there public transport nearby?

A. Yes. The museums are within a 10-minute walk of the main railway and bus station.

Q. Are there any other attractions nearby?

A. Yes, the much-visited Great Hall and the Westgate are adjacent to Winchester’s Military Museums.

Q. Is there a charge for visiting the museums?

A. Three of the museums, Horsepower, The Royal Green Jackets and Gurkha museums, charge for entry. The others don’t.

Q. Does each of the museums have wheelchair access?

A. Yes, although access to the first floor is by stair lift in The Royal Green Jackets (Rifles) Museum and is restricted in certain parts of The Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum.

Q. Are lavatories available for the disabled?

A. Yes, at all but The Royal Hampshire Regiment Museum; but there is one in the same building.

Q. Do the museums have shops?

A. Yes, selling a variety of interesting goods.

Q. Are there parking facilities on site?

A. Yes, there is limited parking in the official car park on site. On occasions, when the car park is full, visitors may have to park off-site in one of the City’s car parks.

Q. Are parties catered for?

A. Yes. WMM welcomes visits by groups including school parties. Group visits are best arranged by appointment so that visits can be tailored to each group’s requirements.


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