First World War Timeline

First World War Timeline



March ‘The Curragh Incident’

28 June Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip in Sarajevo

4 August Britain declares war on Germany

5 August Field Marshal Horatio Herbert Kitchener becomes Secretary of State for                 War

7 August British Expeditionary Force lands in France, made up of 4 Infantry Divisions  and 5 Cavalry Brigades

11 August Kitchener appeals for 100,000 volunteers

21 August First New Army formed

23-24 August Battle of Mons

26 August- 1 September Battle of Le Cateau

6-10 September Battle of the Marne

11 September Second New Army formed

September Third New Army formed due to overwhelming number of volunteers

19 October-22 November First Battle of Ypres

December 9,610 officers in France 20% from Indian Army, 76,000 other ranks 16% from Indian Army



10-22 March Battle of Neuve-Chappelle

22 April- 25 May 2nd Battle of Ypres, first use of poison gas

25 April First landing at Gallipoli

26 May Coalition Cabinet formed

May Ministry of Munitions formed

July Munitions of War Act passed

15 July 1915 Derby Scheme passed

6-9 August Second landing at Gallipoli

July-September National Register taken

25 September-18 October Battle at Loos

28 September Allied Forces enter Kut-al-Amara, Mesopotamia

October Allied Forces in Salonika

28 December 1915-8 January 1916 Evacuation of troops from Gallipoli



27 January First Military Service Act passed, went into effect 2 March 1916

21 February-1 July Battle of Verdun

5 June HMS Hampshire sunk with Field Marshal Kitchener on board

5 June-22 September Arab Hejaz revolt against the Turks, led by Emir Feisal

24 June-18 November Battle of the Somme

16 September First use of tanks

6 July David Lloyd George becomes Secretary of State for War

7 December Herbert Henry Asquith resigns as Prime Minister

7 December David Lloyd George becomes Prime Minister

10 December Edward Stanley, Lord Derby, becomes Secretary of State for War

19 December Neville Chamberlain became Director-General of National Service

10 December 1916-9 January 1917 Withdrawal from Gallipoli



24 February Kut-al-Amara retaken

11 March British enter Baghdad

April Military Service Act modified0

6 April US enters the war

6 July T.E. Lawrence and Emir Feisal’s Arab Army capture Aqaba, Jordan

31 July-6 November Third Battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)

8 August Neville Chamberlain resigns as Director-General of National Service

17 August Sir Auckland Geddes becomes Director of National Service

23 October Recruitment passed from War Office to Ministry of National Service

24 October- 19 November Battle of Caporetto

20 November-8 December Battle of Cambrai

7-9 December Battle and capture of Jerusalem



January Modification of the Military Service Act

21 March-15 July German Spring Offensive

April Modification of the Military Service Act

18 April Alfred Milner, Viscount Milner, becomes Secretary of State for War

4 July Battle of Le Hamel

8-17 August Battle of Amiens

1-30 September Main British involvement in the Salonika offensive

30 September Armistice with Bulgaria at the end of the Salonika offensive

1 October Capture of Damascus

7 October Capture of Beirut

25 October Capture of Aleppo

11 November Armistice



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