German Spring Offensive

German Spring Offensive

21 March-15 July 1918


The German Spring Offensive was the last push by the Germans to end the war before American joined the war. At first, it was a stunning success. After an artillery bombardment of one million shells in five hours, the German elite storm troopers- who carried very little other than weapons- quickly broke through the lightly defended British lines west of Cambrai. The first day, 21,000 British troops were taken prisoner and the Germans had advanced. In the first few days of the offensive the Germans managed to capture 40 miles of ground, taking them to the outskirts of Amiens and within 120 km of Pairs. However, the supply lines were not able to keep up with the German troops and the offensive petered out with the German’s inability to pass Albert to attack Amiens. By April the US had entered the war and American troops made their way to the Western Front. The French counter-offensive at the Marne cut off German supply lines, ending the offensive.

The German casualties for the Spring Offensive reached a million men by July and lowered the moral of the German Army. British and Commonwealth forces had 177,739 casualties..

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