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Below are three themed tours available to groups at Winchester’s Military Museums. Group tour organisers are invited to pick one or more according to preference and time available. More than one tour can be conducted concurrently.

We can also create tours for other themes, other than the ones below, such as Waterloo or World War One, just let us know what you require.

1. Tour the Historic Site

statue-headerBe guided to where William the Conqueror had his castle and where King Charles II planned a palace to rival Versailles. Stand where Prime Minister Churchill stood to address US troops prior to D Day and
where generations of British soldiers learned their military skills.

2. Focus on Courage

medalsExplore Winchester’s Military Museums and seek out over 40 VCs on display, a greater number than anywhere else in the Country except the Imperial War Museum, London. Learn about the soldiers who fought and were awarded these medals.




3. Hidden Treasures

Go on a guided tour of all of the museums and discover the hidden gems they have to offer. Visit one of the largest diorama’s for the Battle of Waterloo, the cupboard in which Private Fowler of the 11th Hussars hid from the Germans for over three years during the First World War, and a motorbike used by Taliban insurgents.

To find out more and to discuss your requirements, please contact Winchester’s Military Museums at:

Peninsula Barracks Romsey Road Winchester Hants, SO23 8TS

Tel: 01962 828549


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