Tenth Battalion

War Diary of the 10th Battalion, Hampshire Regiment

Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Salonika (Greece)


November 1916




Date Time Entry Notes
8th   Quiet all day, situation unchanged.  


Quiet all day, situation unchanged.

Lt Col. Beckett DSO rejoined from Hospital.

Note that officers are named in the diary.
10th   Quiet all day.  
11th   Quiet all day, situation unchanged.  
12th 1200


Parade, Church Service.

2 civilian prisoners (Greek) sent from AGOMAH by ‘Y’ Company having been discovered crawling through barbed wire.

13th   Quiet all day.  
14th   Quiet all day, situation unchanged.  
15th   Situation unchanged, quiet all day.  




16th   Situation unchanged.  
17th 1400 Under orders to concentrate there, arrived at KOMARJAN village. C.O.s conference at Brigade HQ. CO = Commanding Officer.

HQ = Headquarters

  1500 Received orders and proceeded to OSMAN KAMILLA.  
  1730 Received orders to proceed with 2 DCLI to PHEASANT WOOD. DCLI = Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry
  2330 Left OSMAN KAMILLA proceeded by 2 DCLI, marched as far as PHEASANT WOOD where Battalion halted, DCLI going forward.  
  0430 2/Lt Bryan & 5 ORs accompanying as patrol to return and report progress. Officer named, OR = Other Ranks
  0830 2/Lt Bryan reported that 2nd DCLI owing to superior force of the enemy’s rifle & machine gun fire were unable to cross the river in front of TUMBITSA CLIFTL and had to dig themselves in. he also reported one casualty whom he had left with 2nd DCLI  



To construct trenches

  0800 The Battn took up positions from the left of PHEASANT WOOD and acted as flank guard to 2nd DCLI and proceeded to dig in. During the day the enemy shelled PHEASANT WOOD and the left flank practically continuously, sustaining one casualty. Battn/Bn /Batt = abbreviation for Battalion, a unit of 30 officers and 900 ORs
  2100 Marched back to SALMAH where rations were to have been dumped. Rations = Food stores.
  2330 Arrived SALMAH to find rations were at KARKARASKA.  




18th 0530 Left SALMAH for KARKARASKA which line we were ordered to hold, placing detached posts of half company strength at 400 yard intervals. Company = 250 soldiers organised into 4 Platoons
  1200 Ordered to extend our line westwards as far as the ford (VIRANLI stream) and eastwards through KESPEKI to ADA  
  1330 COs conference at Brigade Battle HQ  
  1530 Village of KARKARASKA, where Battn HQ were, was shelled. No casualties.  
  1730 Companies took over new line as ordered.  



19th 0130 Ordered to entrench village ADA. Working party of 80 DCLI being supplied. Quiet all night.  
  0630 Battn concentrated at SALMAH where it remained in reserve. Quiet all day.  
  1730 Left SALMAH and proceeded to JENIMAH where Battn was billeted in houses in the village for the night. Quiet all night.  


Location: JENIMAH

20th   Quiet all day.  
  1000 CO & Coy Officers went round line at BETLIKMAH now held by a Greek Bn Coy = Abbreviation for Company
21st   Quiet all day, situation unchanged.  
22nd   Very foggy. Ordered to post picquets north, south & east of the village. Quiet all day. Situation unchanged. Picquets = sentry posts in front of own lines.
23rd   Quiet all day.  Picquets remaining out. Situation unchanged.  



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